Ballistic helmet PASGT

The Personal Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) Helmet is specifically designed for Law Enforcement personnel. To this end the materials and manufacturing have been tailored to offer excellent bullet resistance with minimal back face deformation. The helmet is constructed from para aramid material and provides lightweight, robust protection from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles and other low energy threats.

The PASGT Helmet is a general duties helmet suitable for military and police tactical use.

PASGT helmet uses the same outer shape as the US military helmet but applies new materials technology which not only increases its performance but reduces its weight.


Ballistic Protection

The PASGT Helmet is available to meet NIJ Level II and IIIA as well as bespoke designs to meet specific client needs.

Fragmentation Protection

Protection against fragments from V50 450m/sec (1450 ft/sec) - V50 650m/sec (2150 ft/sec) according to STANAG 2920 (17gr FSP) and US MIL STD 662F.


Standard colours are black, navy blue, olive green, tan. Most other colours are available to special order including IRR paint finishes.


Accessories include ballistic visors, anti fragmentation visors and anti riot visors. Neck protectors. Various options and pads systems, helmet covers, carrying bags and badges or insignia. Very high fragmentation protection with a V50 well over 2150 ft/sec (650 m/sec.)




Main features:


V50 > 650 m/s (STANAG 2920),
Level IIIA (NIJ 0106.01)


1450 ±50 gr


Adjustable, universal fit system means it fits all sizes

Base materials


Warranty for ballistic material

5 years

Suspension system

Shock absorbent; adjustable


Upon request

Face shield





                    Foliage Green          Olive Green                 Black                 Navy Blue                  Tan



All ballistic helmets will be labeled in strict adherence to the labeling requirements set forth in NIJ 0106.01 requirement.

The labeling will include to the following: name of the manufacturer, level of protection, date of fabrication, size, serial number, model of helmet and lot number.

Level of
NIJ 0101.06

V50 (1.1 g)
Stanag 2920


 Bullet type

weight (g)

velocity (m/s)

II 450 m/s 9mm Luger FMJ RN 8.0 398
.357 Magnum JSP 10.2 436
III A 650 m/s .44 Magnum SJHR 15.6 436
9 mm PARA FMJ RN 8.2 436
7,62x25 Tokarev FMJ 8.5 445