Ballistic helmets

Ballistic helmets are items for personal protection made of the most advanced ballistic materials like polyethylene and aramide fibers and modified thermosetting, thermoplastic matrices.They are intended and tested to protect, both, against fragmentation and ball ammunition.Ballistic helmets have been utilized by military, police, security agency, tactical and demining teams. Design of the helmets provides optimum protective coverage, comfort and wearability, minimum restriction of motion and mobility, excellent shock absorption and width  peripheral vision for the operator.

Ballistic helmets possess the following features:

  • Internal suspension system allows adjustment for perfect head-fit;
  • Helmet shell is made of self-extinguishing plastic materials;
  • Does not corrode, requires minimum maintenance;
  • The fibrous nature of the armor shell reduces risk of ricochet by holding impacting projectiles even at high angles of strike;
  • Tough, will not deform or crack easily;

We produce them in two types:


                PASGT  Ballistic Helmet                                                 ACH / MICH Ballistic Helmet




Standard helmets normally are supplied in medium size. Specific sizes and shapes are custom-made and available if required.

Dimensions     helmets-landing-scheme.jpg









Coverage Area


Shell Weight



237 219 164 1130 1250

Tolerance ± 5 mm