Ballistic plates


I. Ballistic plates for personal protection

With increasingly global instability and burgeoning availability of powerful weaponry, soft NIJ IIIA body armor does not sometimes provide enough protection.  For this, we offer hard armour plate inserts of NIJ III and NIJ IV level (Level III and IV acc. NIJ 0101.04 STD).

Our ballistic plates are made of most advance ballistic materials: polyethylene and aramide (Dyneema HB2 and Twaron). These plates can be easily inserted into front and back pockets on our NIJ IIIA level vests for upgraded protection.

We manufacture ballistic armor insert plates to NIJ III and NIJ IV level and we can make from polyethylene and aramide/Ceramic composite materials. Aluminium nitride and silicon carbide ceramics are used to vary the protection level and weight.

Using these advanced  composite materials enables us to keep the weight low, which minimises fatigue and restriction of movement to the wearer.  

Standard size is 250x300mm with a thickness of 20mm.




II. Ballistic plates for military vehicles protection.

The ballistic panels are made of woven glass roving and special modified phenolic resin film and are intended for effective protection against anti-tank projectiles. They were successfully implemented in the former Soviet tank T-72 as well as in the improved former Yugoslavia version M-84.