Ballistic vest

The ballistic vests are intended to protect the vital parts of persons body and is produced in protection levels IIA, II and IIIA according to NIJ 0101.06 standard. For protection level improving, the front and back parts of the ballistic vest are provided with pockets for protective ballistic plates, protection level III and IV, dimension 250mm x 300mm.

Ballistic vests are produced of advanced  ballistic material. This enables no negative effect of off-angle shooting; cross-stitching is not necessary, so that flexibility remains maximal; moisture has no influence on ballistic performance and the trauma effect is very small, less then 30 mm.

This kind of vests is intended for police, security forces and anti-terrorist groups to protect against ball ammunition, as well as fragments and shells of exploded projectiles and bombs. It is designed to be worn as both over garment or under garment.

Covering material (water-proof Cordura) is in various colors and patterns, providing camouflage protection in visible and near IR part of EM spectrum.

Coming in 4 popular sizes S-XXL. Our vests are made for use in a tough environment with rugged nylon/cotton composite covers and fit easily to different body shapes with their simple and secure velcro adjustable straps on the shoulders and waist.  This vest is a low cost way to get the versatile protection you need in a multi threat environment. 

Ballistic vests weight depends of the type of the vest and the size of the protection area.