Blast Suppression Blanket & Blast Containment Ring

Bomb Suppression Blanket and Blast Containment Ring are suitable for use in Railway Stations, Important Trains, Airports, Bus Terminals, Shopping Malls, Post Offices, Weekly Markets, Control Room in Festivals/Fairs and Theaters etc. 
It is in use by Armed Forces and Police units.

The Blast Containment Ring is first placed on its edge around the suspected bomb and the Bomb Suppression Blanket is then placed over the Blast Containment Ring and suspected bomb, while awaiting examination. This combo deters side fragmentation discharge as well as top discharge. (The Bomb Suppression Blankets are used in conjunction with the Blast Containment Ring)

Should a detonation or explosion occur, the ring directs the force of the blast upwards and the Blanket flexes and contains most of the fragments created by the explosion, so that the damage to personnel or property in the area is considerably reduced. It provides prompt and effective method for dealing with suspected packages.

Main features:

Protection level:

V50>550-570 m/s (acc. Stanag 2920)
IIA (acc. NIJ 0101.04)

Ballistic material:


Outer fabric (waterproof):


Dimension blanket:

1.5 x 1.5m

Dimension ring:

0.5 x 2.0m

Weight blanket:

12-14 kg

Weight ring:

6-7 kg


upon request

Warranty for the ballistic material:

5 years