Composite dry sliding bearings

Composite dry sliding bearings are used primarily in machineries that are designed for heavy loads, where rotating or oscillating movements are relatively slow, and in areas where there is an increased presence of dust and in aggressive environments. Because of their good sliding properties and compact design, these plain bearings are particularly suitable for use where:

  • maintenance-free operation is a prerequisite
  • there is a risk from lubricant use
  • lubricants can not be used or are forbidden
  • space is limited.

    Molding segments and bushings for sliding bearings                            PTFE bushings for sliding bearings

The important characteristics of composite plain bearings include:

  • maintenance-free operation
  • no lubrication required (PTFE composite)
  • initial lubrication required (POM composite)
  • minimum wall thickness, minimum space requirements
  • accommodation of heavy loads
  • wide range of temperatures
  • good sliding properties
  • high wear resistance
  • high corrosion resistance to aggressive environments
  • no machining required.

           Composite sliding bearing from Aramid fabric                               Self-lubricating filament wound composite
                phenolic resin with improved resistant at                               bushings intended for hydropower applications
                high  temperatures and wear resistance

                Composite bushings from cotton fabric                                Composite filament-wound dry sliding bearings,
                 and Phenolic resin for sliding  bearing                                         resistant to shock loads and chemicals

The material used for the preparation of composite sliding bearings is with improved load capacity, dimensional stability and gives excellent performance in a multitude of bearing applications, using water as a lubricant, or more conventional oils or greases. The low water absorption properties allow reduced clearances in bearings and also provide enhanced electrical insulation properties.

This material is used for a wide range of bearings that are used in severe working conditions, e.g. marine water lubricated bearings, bearings mixers, rolling mill bearings in steel works and many other components that operate in liquid fluids.

These bearings are used and in heavy conditions of exploitation, with no lubrication, e.g. agricultural machinery.

Slide bearings are available as straight bushings, flanged bushings, thrust washers, plates and special products.

Composite sliding bearings operate silently, they are corrosion resistant and rarely need additional sealing.