The company 11 Oktomvri - Eurokompozit AD Prilep, has modificated an armoured vehicle TM -170  with cupola type MZA, but without any armament built-in.

The modification has  been made in cooperation with the Department for logistics of the Ministry of Defence - Development dept., taking into consideration the tactical and technical requirements of the vehicle, increasing its fire strength as well as tactical performances. The vehicle has been military equipped as follows:


1. Machine - gun "PKT" 7,62 mm with standard ammunition 7,62 x 54 R , active in the range of 360o  in horizontal  plane and elevation angle of  -10o up to  +60o (degree).

2. Over the cupola on the height of about 410 mm. above periscopes the ballistic protection has been built - in as a combination of steel, ceramic and composite materials improving the existing  protection of the vehicle  staff and solders against firing ammunition.

  • Total protection area over the cupola is about 0,7 m2.
  • Assembled ballistic protection enables protection against firing ammunition cal. 12,7  mm  as well as cal. 30 - 06; 7,62 x 51; 7,62 x 54 R; 7,9 x 57; 7,62 x 39; 5,56 x 45 (armoured bullet API).

3. The built-in headlight on the machine - gun support provides surveillance on a distance of 400 m.  in the range of 360o in horizontal plane and elevation angle of -10o  up to +60o (degrees)

4. On the right side of the vehicle, on the place where free  charge is possible, three launchers of smoke shells type 902B "TUCHA" are assembled, under the angle of 45o related to the horizontal plane, for obtaining maximum distance of the fired smoke shells  The smoke screen is made on adistance  of 200-300m and  lasts  1 - 2  minutes.

5. The vehicle is completely camouflage painted