Multipurpose safety helmets

Multipurpose safety helmets (industrial, electro insulating, firefighting, mining, for civil engineering, etc.) are intended as a means of personal protection of the head from: fall of various items, punches with head  in mines, steel works, buildings objects, underground facilities, and forest exploitation, during sapping,  random touch of electrical cable and so on.

Key Features the multipurpose safety helmet:

  • Mass of the helmet ................................................. < 500 гр.
  • Shock absorption: on impact with striker with spherical surface and a mass of 5 kg., from a height 1m,  force transmitted through the helmet to the user's head is not greater of  5 kN.
  • Penetration resistance: at the stroke with steel cone striker, with mass of 3 kg., and angle of the top 60 degrees, from height 1000 mm in the crown of the helmet, it does not get to touch striker with the user's head.
  • The sideline stiffness: The maximum side deformation is not greater than 40mm., while the durable deformation is not greater than 15 mm.
  • Resistance against flame: the material an the shell is cannot burn exposed on open fire. After 5 seconds of the removal of the flame, the material will extinguish itself.
  • Electrical insulating properties: resistance of voltage up to 440V, with the possibility of making and for voltages up to 1000V.
  • Quality an the coloring: according to DIN 4890.

Commonly used colors are: white, yellow, orange, and can be made at requirements of the customer.

All types of helmets are equipped with an hefty shock absorber who is in contact with the head and it can be adjusted to the size of the head.

The helmet satisfies the requirements of standard EN 397:2012

1. Industrial safety helmets ISH

These helmets are designed for personal safety to the head from falling items or impact with the head in the factory premises, steel works, civil engineering objects, and forest exploitation during blasting in quarries, during work in the underground low premises etc. Can be made in two variants: without face protection visor and with face protection visor.

                                                                                    Industrial safety helmets

                                                              Industrial safety helmets with face protection visor

2. Еlectro insulating safety helmets ISH/E

This is used for protection of the upper part of the head against electrical voltage up to 440V. The helmet shell includes electro-insulating features, without air vents, with special mark for voltage protection up to 440V. Upon special request we can produce a safety helmet for protection against electrical voltage up to 1000V.



3. Firefighting safety helmets ISH/P

This helmet is manufactured to provide protection to the head and neck of firemen at work in a place with fire or dangerous situation. It provides protection from high intensity electrical discharges, from high temperature, from open flame as well as from fall of torched objects on head and neck the users.
Mass of the helmet: 1,1kg (including the face protection visor and the protector of the neck).


4. Mining safety helmets ISH/R

These helmets are designed to protect the upper part of the head from falling objects and blows on the users head in the ceilings and beams in mining pits. The helmet shell is equipped with lamp and cable support which enables working activities in dark surroundings.


5. Safety helmets for work in civil engineering ISH/G

These safety helmets, intended as a means of personal protection of the head from fall of various objects and punches on the users head of various objects in the execution of work in civil engineering, in carrying out installation works and so on.