Police batons

In law enforcement there's no room for second guessing... You've got to have that same confidence in your equipment.

1. Defender Batons with Side Handle

For maximum personal protection, the defender batons with side handle provides users with the professional advantage that they need in close-quarter confrontations. Made of black polycarbonate with diameter 32 mm integral stop handle it won’t warp or dent.

The ends are round and smooth to prevent unnecessary injury.

Available in two lengths: 600mm standard size and 450mm concealable length.

2. Anti-riot batons - Straight Baton

This is a classic police baton. Made of durable plastic with high density, will not bend or warp. The grooved handle provides a strong and solid grip. An ideal self-defense weapon, the mere sight of this intimidating club can be a source of intimidation that will make many people think twice about advancing towards you.

  •  32mm diameter;
  •  grooved palm grip;
  •  two stock lengths: 440mm or 600mm; other lengths from 400 to 900mm available on
    special order; contact us with your needs.