Rocket launcher RBR 120mm M90

Rocket launcher RBR 120mm M90

                                                               Rocket projectile

The RBR 120mm M90  rocket launcher is a shoulder-fired weapon, designed to counter modern battle tanks from all angles, including head-on attack.

The RBR M90 120mm rocket launcher is a disposable, single-shot man-portable launcher firing a High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) projectile propelled by an impulse-type sustainer. The rocket is supplied pre-packed in a fiber-reinforced plastic launching tube. The firing mechanism and an emergency open sight are already mounted on the launcher; a night sight can be fitted. The metal parts of the sustainer are of aluminum alloy. The warhead, with an phlegmatised octogen (HMX) filled shaped charge, is initiated by a piezoelectric-based fuze. The pyrotechnic delayed-arming safety device provides a muzzle safety distance of 8 to 25m. It also ensures rocket self-destruction in case of target miss after four to six seconds of flight.


Technical Data


120 mm

Unit mass

13.00 kg

Launcher mass

5.70 kg

Rocket mass

7.30 kg

Length in combat position

1300 mm

Effective combat range

250 m

Maximum range

1960 m

Muzzle velocity

205 m/s