Transparent shields (Antiriot)

Are made of thermoplastic transparent polycarbonate. It's convenient for anti riot personnel to observe the outside situation. This kind of anti riot shield features high refractive index, fine flame retardance and good resistance to impact, heat and chemical corrosion. It can provide a superior optical view nearly without parallaxes. The anti riot personnel can be protected from the attack of brick, stone and stick effectively.

The rubber protection on side can provide extra protection for hand, knuckles and forearm. The heavy nylon strap assembly uses a Velcro closure, so it can be quickly ripped off to release the user if necessary. The strap attaches to the anti riot shield securely and is wide enough to give a tight and comfortable feeling to the forearm. The handles and straps are reversible for both right and left handed user.


Polycarbonate 4mm thickness


W:480-660 x H:600-1700 mm


2,7-4,6 kg


Transparent 80%

Aluminium handle

either right or left handed

Suspension system

Adjustable Velcro,
Forearm cushioning and
Rubber protection on side

Transparent shields (Antiriot) – Military police 500x900mm


Police transparent shields (Antiriot) – short: 500x700mm


Police transparent shields (Antiriot) – Medium: 550x1000mm

Police transparent shields (Antiriot) – Long: 550x1700mm